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Welcome to my online portfolio. With my love of art, history and film emerging at a young age, my passion for all things costume was inevitable. After studying Performance Costume at Edinburgh College of Art for four years, I am now working as a Costume Assistant and Designer. This site represents the culmination of these years of hard work, displaying my previous work and latest creations. Check out my latest designs and costumes below.


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Explore Some of My Creations Below

Exhibition Display FSC
Chemise and Corset Style Bodices Inspired by 16th Century Fashions, using the Cyanotype Technique.
Final costume which I designed and made exclusively for Miss Scotland for the talent segment in Miss
1700's Wedding Dress for Gretna Green Historical Wedding Exhibition Dress.
Lara Bauchop - Anastasia
Close up of paper mould created for thermal pleating 'Pliqua Ex Pliqua' Workshop at Prague Quadrenni
Digital Set Design Illustration for Hypothetical Re-Design of'Vertigo'
Diapason costume as a part of a collaboration with Alex Rigg of Oceansallover.
Carlotta Valdes
Selection of Capes from the 'Five Telegrams' Opening Ceremony for the Edinburgh International Festiv
Photo from the short film Nocturnal (2018), which I was co-costume designer and maker for.
Catherine of Aragon Costume Plate and Textile Sample